How does it Work

First Steps


  • 01.

    Read the Rules & Regulations

  • 02.

    Form a team of 3-6 (a 1/3 of the team members must be girls)

  • 03.

    Decide on your roles

  • 04.

    Register your team

    Register your team
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DESIGN – Research

​During the design process students must consider:

  • ​How will forces impact the car's performance?
  • What design features may help the car to go faster?
  • What might cause the car to go slower?
  • Relevant sciences such as friction, air resistance, gravity and air pressure.
  • How to develop ideas through sketching
  • How to stylise the car

DESIGN – Bodyshell

There are 3 options for the bodyshell:

  • Design and colour your own bodyshell
  • Colour your own pre-designed F1 bodyshell
  • Download an official F1 team body

NOTE: For competition entry you must design your own bodyshell.


There are many ways to make your car:

Make the chassis, bodyshell and engine housing nets using:

  1. Scissors
  2. Cutter plotter
  3. CNC laser cutter

(Pre-cut chassis, bodyshell and engine housing nets are available to purchase. CONTACAT US for more information)

Assembly is a simple process, using the clear, easy-to-follow instructions included.


To complete your racing car, you will need to attach the following components to the chassis as shows in the video:​

  • Standard Engine Housing Net
  • Bodyshell Net
  • Axle Tether Line Guides
  • Axles & Axle Guides
  • Wheels


Testing offers the opportunity for students to evaluate the performance of the car and the forces being applied. Students may then modify their car to improve performance. Here are some ways you can test cars:

Roll the car down a slope to evaluate wheel friction

Test aerodynamics using the F1® in Schools Air Trace System (if available in one of the hub centres)

Test the cars on the 10m roll out test track


Test cars head-to-head on the 24m roll out track or elevated racetrack (if available in one of the hub centres).


The EXCITING final stage of the project where students get to see how their work shapes up against others!

Students race their cars powered by 4gm compressed gas cartridges.

Race on the official elevated race track at competitions, or practice on your own roll-out floor track!

For information on official equipment, visit our store

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Do you have what it takes?

On the 1st of Septeber 2022 the registration for the primary class teams will be opened.
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Cantons Final

Canton Zurich:
April 2022 Motorworld Zurich
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National Final

Organized at Alfa Romeo F1, the winners of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in the national finals will have the opportunity to represent Switzerland in the world finals. The 4th ranked team will have the opportunity to form a team with another National Finals winner from another competing country.
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World Final

F1 in Schools World Finals usually take place at the end of the F1 calendar and are held in conjunction with a Formula 1 Grand Prix.
The last finals took place in Singapore, Abu Dhabi, Texas and Malaysia.