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Spanning age ranges of 9 to 19 our main objective is to help change the perceptions of science, technology, engineering and maths by creating a fun and exciting learning environment for young people to develop an informed view about careers in engineering, Formula 1, science, marketing and technology.
Follow the information below to begin your journey in F1® in Schools.


  • 01.

    Read the Rules & Regulations

  • 02.

    Form a team of 3-6 ( 1/3 of the team members must be girls)

  • 03.

    Decide on your roles

  • 04.

    Register your team

    Register your team

of competition

There are four levels of competition for F1® in Schools in Switzerland, these include:

Primary Class

Aged 9 to 12

Starting with our folded card chassis, Primary Class starts by introducing teams to a competition focussing on the basics of aerodynamic design and teamwork.

Entry Class

Aged 12 to 15

The Entry Class is the introductory Class of competition for high school students. Simplified rules and regulations, with pathways to a State Final

Development Class

Aged 14 to 18

The Development Class is the intermediate step between the Entry Class and Professional Class

Professional Class

Aged 16 to 19

The Professional Class is the top level of competition and the best teams in this class have the opportunity to represent Switzerland at the F1® in Schools World Final



Schools and students wanting to participate in the F1® in Schools program must register online. Registered teams will have access to a members only section of the website where all the relative information and resources can be found.

To be able to participate in the Cantonal and National competitions all teams MUST be registered prior to the registration deadline.



The best teams in the Cantonal finals will move forward to compete in the National event. The winners of Professional Class National Championship will have the opportunity to represent Switzerland at the World Final.
To be eligible to compete in National and World Final all members of the team must be in full time education at the time of the events.
Inter-school collaboration teams are eligible and encourage to compete.